2010 Rotary Rockfish Tourney

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Mathews Rotary 12th Annual Rockfish Tournament
2018 Rules

  1. The deadline for entries is Friday, December 14th 2018 at 8:00pm.  Every captain or his designee must register at the Piankatank Ruritan Club at 7138 Buckley Hall Rd. Hudgins, VA 23076 between 4:00pm and 8:00pm.  Tournament registration materials, including captain’s bags and fish tags for every boat must be picked up at that time.
  2. Guaranteed $4,000.00 in cash prizes:  Open category, 1st $2,000.00, 2nd $1,000,00, 3rd $700.00.  Special prizes for the largest fish landed by a: Junior (15 years and younger), Senior (65 or older) and Woman $100.00 each.
  3. The entry fee is $175.00 per boat with up to 4 anglers, $25.00 for each additional angler.  There is a 50 boat tournament limit.  Entry forms may be mailed to Mathews Rotary Club, P.O. Box 282 Mathews, VA 23109 or presented at the registration on Friday December 15th.
  4. This is a TWO day tournament.  You can fish either Saturday, Sunday or both days.  Only one (1) rockfish per day in the open category will be weighed for cash prizes. Additional fish in the special categories may also be weighed.  Each boat is eligible to win only one (1) cash prize from the open category.  However, other weighed rockfish from that boat may be eligible to compete for one or more of the special category cash prizes.  A fish placing in the open category cannot also win in the in the special category.  All fish submitted for weighting must be tagged with the appropriate tag PRIOR to surrendering the fish at the weigh station.  All tags must be marked with the boat number.  Tags for fish being weighed for one of the special categories will have the boat number plus a “J” for junior, “S” for senior and “W” for woman.  If you fish both days and weigh a fish both days only the heaviest one will be eligible for cash prizes.
  5. All entry forms must be signed by the vessel captain, or a designated responsible person.  That individual must be at least 18 years old and be onboard the boat during the tournament.  Every angler that will be fishing in the tournament must be listed on the entry from.
  6. All participants must adhere to the Virginia Salt Water Fishing Tournament and the Salt Water Fishing Regulations as determined by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission.
  7. The tournament director listed on the entry form is ineligible to compete.
  8. This is a CAPTAIN’S CHOICE tournament.  It is the captain’s responsibility to decide whether to fish.   A GAIL WARNING is the ONLY weather condition that will cancel fishing.  If a gale warning is posted by NOAA at 6:00am on Saturday or Sunday, that day will be canceled If both days are canceled a drawing for the cash prizes will be held at Morningstar Marina on Sunday at 5:00.   .  If there are questions about cancelations call Steve at 804-519-9140.
  10. All fish must be caught in a sportsman like manner on hook and line.  Fish must be hooked and played by a single angler who does not receive assistance for anyone.  Hand lining between the terminal end snap/snap swivel and the fish for the purpose of netting is permissible.  Gaffing rockfish is illegal in Virginia and is therefore prohibited.  Any fish showing fresh marks other than those made by landing nets or hooks may be disqualified.  Failure to maintain a contestant’s fish on ice and in good condition my result in disqualification.  Anglers presenting a fish to be weighed will be required to attest to the above at weigh in.
  11.  WEIGH-IN PROCEEDURE:  The tournament committee will monitor VHF channels 69.  Please use other channels to communicate between boats.
    1. If weighing in by boat you must be in Milford Haven before 4:00pm, in sight of the Moriningstar docks and contact the weigh master on VHF channel 69 or by phone, 804-414-4587, with the boat number and that there is a fish to be weighed.  Then proceed in an orderly safe manner to Morningstar Marina.  Please use the outside of “L” dock for unloading.  Do not tie up any longer than needed.
    2. If coming to the weigh-in by vehicle the angler with a tagged fish to be weighed must be in line by 4:00pm at the waterside weigh station at Morningstar Marina.  If you are in route at 3:45 please call 804-519-9140 we will wait.
    3. The weigh station will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.
  12.  The weigh master will be Steve Cohen with assistance from the Virginia Marine Police to confirm that the fish being weighed have not been tampered with and were freshly caught the day of the tournament.  The three heaviest fish weighed each may be dissected.
  13. The winning fish will be determined first by weight then by length (nose to furthest tip of the tail along a straight line) in that order.  ALL PRIZES WILL BE PAID TO THE PERSON WHO SIGNED THE ENTRY FORM, regardless of the person who actually caught the fish.  To avoid misunderstandings the Tournament Committee urges all participants to develop their own arrangement for the distribution of prizes among captain and crew.
  14. All boats should be equipped with a functioning VHF radio.  To reach tournament headquarters use VHF channel 69 or call 804-519-9140.
  15.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to inspect any boat that participates in the tournament.
  16.  Any protest concerning a violation of the rules must be presented to the Tournament Committee in writing at weigh-in between 2:00pm and 4:00pm  on the day of the alleged violation.
  17.  Tournament fishing is limited to the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries but not beyond the MD/VA state line and 200yds east of the CBBT.
  18.  FISH CONSERVATION IS ENCOURAGED!  Please limit your catch on tournament days.  All boats should have a functional safe de-hooking device and an accurate hand scale on board.
  19. Violation of any of the above rules will constitute grounds for disqualification. THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE’S DECISIONS SHALL BE FINAL.

For more information please call of text the Tournament Director Steve Cohen at 804-519-9140.